2020 Calendar

1 January

Water in the Landscape 2nd Place - Sue Anderson

2 February

Spring 1st Place - Philip Heinzl

3 March

Spring 2nd Place -Liz Dixon-Spain

4 April

Insects in the Garden 2nd Place- Johnathan Bye

5 May

My Favorite plant 1st Place - Pat Waters

6 June

Insects in the Garden 1st Place - Philip Heinzl

7 July

Summer 1st Place - Michael Whiteley

8 August

My Favorite Plant 2nd Place - Johnathan Bye

9 September

Sculpture in the Garden 2nd Place -Pat Waters

10 October

Water in the Landscape 1st Place - Michael Whiteley

11 November

Sculpture in the Garden 1st Place - Sue Anderson

12 December

Members Choice - Philip Heinzl


Our Display at Baytree Garden Center



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